Text Box: Parking systems options


Text Box: Basic OCTOPUS system 
The Basic Octopus system module is a stand alone system that can perform all the usual car park revenue management and access control duties.

Text Box: Tap Octopus Card at entry…entry time is recorded, Gate opens........
Tap Octopus Card at exit, exit time is recorded, fee calculation done, Gate opens. 
At exit—deduct  payment , Issue receipt 

Text Box: Select your Parking System:

Text Box: Special Feature Options Module
Other options are available to suit customer needs, so that cards may be issued to customers employing RFID dispensers or Readers for identification and record keeping purposes. Final payment may be made at a central office or at exit by cash or with Octopus Card.


The system can be employed for a single gate or for the integration of unlimited number of multiple
ingress and egress gates.

Text Box: Contactless  RFID

Text Box: Card Collector

Text Box: Card Dispenser

Text Box: RFID Module:

Text Box: Sensor Identification Module

Text Box: Sensors are employed to identify vehicle types in order to apply different scale fees to levy corresponding charges to different type of vehicles.

Text Box: Goods vehicle                                       General car type                                       Golf cart

Text Box: Two ingress gates and one exit gate system